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Our Team

Pablo de Queiroz und Silvina Igova


Together Pablo and Silvina run the Dancing School Salsamás Munich. The dancing school was founded by Pablo de Queiroz in October 2006. The studio is located in the heart of Schwabing, Munich's bohemian quater. Pablo and Silvina teach together with their team Salsa in many different levels and also many other dancing styles with much effort, excitement and engagement. Today, the dancing studio Salsamás is one of the most innovative dancing schools in Munich.

Pablo de Queiroz and Silvina Igova are nationwide welcome guests to salsa congresses, various festivals and events. In the year 2011 they were second at the German Salsa Championship in Ludwigsburg. Silvina has already danced very intensely during her childhood in Bulgaria and discovered her love for salsa and especially for the stage six years ago with Pablo. Native Brazilian, Pablo has been living in Germany since 1998.  Shortly after moving to Germany, he discovered his passion for dancing that characterizes his personality until today. The shows of Pablo and Silvina fascinate with their unique musical interpretation and energetic execution. The choreographies are created by Pablo and never fail to impress with artistic genius and dance-like precision - pure genuine passion for dancing.






Antonio Santana was born in Venezuela and simply has salsa in his blood. In addition to salsa, his passion also applies to bachata. He always creates new, interesting, and challenging combinations and sequences of steps. Antonio teaches all course levels from salsa beginner to master class with a lot of joy, creativity, commitment, and Latin American temperament. He has already been invited to several international salsa festivals and impressed everyone with his accuracy in teaching, his figure sequences, and his clear didactic way of teaching. His precise, interesting, and spirited teaching style is simply well received.





Around the age of 16, Eric started dancing at Tanzschule Wolfgang Steuer with ballroom dances from Waltz and Tango to Rumba and Jive. After a few years, he wanted to get a feeling of competition ballroom dancing, so he switched to Gold-Schwarz-Casino for a year to deepen his Latino skills.

Due to a Salsa trial course, he was gifted in 2016, he unexpectedly came to the world of Salsa and Bachata. Since then, he is hooked on these dances. Since 2019, he teaches the Salsa and Bachata beginner classes at Salsamás.





Dance and music always have defined Gesa´s life.

But only in 2014 did she get in contact with Salsa on a lucky break – a love for life!

She was born in Munich with a Hungarian background and lives with her family and her two dogs in beautiful Giesing.





Jessica was born in Venezuela to a German Opa and a Colombian Oma! Surrounded by the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea and the warmth and happy energy of the Latin people. Therefore, she enjoys cultural diversity and interacting with all the people in the academy  smiley  

Since she was a baby, her mother discovered she had a thing for music. She used to dance in her crib before walking while listening to music. At the age of 4, Jessica studied in a musical kindergarten where she learned to play some instruments like Xylophone, Marimba, and Tambourine and started to make small dancing. Later she attended piano and flute lessons. She gave her first keyboard solo show at the age of 4 in her home city Maracay. But she found her real passion in dancing! She studied in a dancing academy from 5 until 11 years old where she learned flamenco, tap, and urban. Afterwards, she dedicated time to her studies and graduated as Electronics Engineer (who says engineers can’t be fun!? cheeky )

During this time, she was a founding member of the Cheerleading Group of her university and a member of the Choir Group. From 2015 on, she studied Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Bachata, and basics of Kizomba in Venezuela. Jessi joined Salsamás in 2018 while doing her master’s degree at TUM. She likes to teach Cuban Salsa and Bachata in our Pasing studios. Jessica loves to socialize with people and thinks everybody should dance! Music is the best medicine  heartlaugh






For Juliane dance and music imply high spirits and passion and have a huge part in her life. This already shows early on.

So, at an early age she attended dancing lessons in different styles, such as ballroom dancing.

At Salsamás Juliane began to dance salsa in 2012 and from there it didn’t take long until she was taken over by the salsa-fever. Now it’s not possible to imagine her without salsa. 

In 2015, she became a part of the Salsamás team and hopes to pass on her joy and passion for dancing.





The passion for dance Karolina has developed already in her childhood, when she was training and performing for 4 years with a children’s show group. From the early age of 6 she was learning the rhythmus, basics of ballet, gymnastics and dances from Waltz to Cancan.

Karolina met Salsa during her studies, when she visited the legendary “Havana Club” in Berlin. It was love at the first sight!  

The first lessons in Salsa Cubana she took during her studies in Spain. There, in the Latin clubs, she also learnt the feeling of the music and the joy of social dancing.

After moving to Warsaw, she started to take classes in L.A., on2 styles and body movement and after a while she has joined also a Student Show Group for more intensive trainings.

Always keen to develop her skills and to gain new dancing experience, Karolina regularly attends international Salsa Events in Germany and Europe, where she learns from the most respected dancers and teachers from all over the world. 

Karolina is with Salsamas since 2013, when she has joined the regular classes and the Salsamas Students Show Groups.  

In summer 2015, Karolina has joined also the team and right now she teaches with Pablo the Master Club. 

Karolina’s favorite styles are Mambo, ChaCha, Boogaloo and Pachanga. 

She loves Salsa for its authenticity and the vivacity and for absence of strict rules. She enjoys freely interpreting the music and expressing herself through improvisation.

In her classes Karolina puts emphasis on individualism in styling, the groove and on good leading and following technique very useful for social dancing as she believes salsa is most of all a social dance which is to be enjoyed. 










After Ksenia moved in 2012 from Siberia to Munich with a detour to Ulm, she attended her first lesson at Salsamás. Since then, she participated in every class of every difficulty level, she took part in the choreo groups, which resulted in participation in a championship. Since 2021, Ksenia is part of the Salsamás team. Her favorite style is Salsa On2. She has a lot of fun teaching with Pablo and other teachers, sharing her love for Salsa with the beginners, as well as trying new things with the advanced students.



Leonie und Sarah


Leonie and Sarah have always loved dancing. After their vacation in Cuba, they got Salsa fever and they had to learn Salsa. Beginning with Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba were soon added (soon came along). Then they discovered their passion for Bachata Sensual. During their stay in Spain, Leonie and Sarah were able to learn from well-known Bachata Sensual professionals and therefore perfect their style.

They like to travel to international festivals all over the world, to further improve their skills in following, leading, role rotation and Ladystyling.

Since 2019 Leonie and Sarah are teaching Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba at Salsamás.

For them, dancing means joy and happiness, which they pass on to their students with passion and kindness.

A Bailar :)



Madison und Simon


Madison and Simon work together since 2018 to share their passion for kizomba. 
The focus of their weekly classes and theme workshops is to have fun, master technique, and pass on their knowledge of the rich culture behind the music and dance. They have both been trained as instructors by world-renowned artists such as Paula and Ricardo from AfroLatin Connection, Eddy Vents, Vanessa Ginga Pura, Lucia Nogueria, and Mestre Petchu, and combine their teaching methodologies into a comprehensive approach.





Marcela is a student at Salsamás since 2017. In the beginning her focus was Salsa, after that her interest were the Ladystyling courses and she joined the student show group. At a Salsa dance party, she discovered Bachata because of a friend of hers. Since then you can only find her on the Bachata dance floor.

Since 2022 Marcela is a part of the Salsamás team.





Dance is music made visible – Monika took her first dancing steps at the age of 11 with a Jazz/Hip-Hop dance group. She identified her love for ballet when she was 17 years old, and since then she couldn’t imagine her life without dance.

Step by step she tried different dancing styles – Jazz, Modern, ballroom dancing, Salsa, Bachata. In 2011 at a New Year’s Eve party, she discovered the dancing school Salsamás, where she saw a choreography by Silvina and Pablo. The dynamic and joyful dancing style immediately fascinated her. The next day, she started her lessons at Salsamás and became a part of the show groups. Performances with the Salsamás Ladys lead her to cities, like Augsburg, Regensburg, Hamburg, and even to Marrakech.

Currently, Monika is supporting Silvina with the choreography courses. 






Rozenn has always been a sports enthusiast. Even as a child, she did everything from tennis, martial arts, swimming, horseback riding, hiking to skiing, volleyball, and more.

After graduating in science and a master’s degree in ­­mechanical engineering, dancing was not the next logical step for the native French. Nevertheless, in 2011 she has been dragged to Rueda de Casino at Salsamás. The discovery was a game changer; it was a lot of fun and joy for her. From there, Rozenn has completed course after course up to the Advanced course in line.

In 2014 she joined the Salsamás choreo group and a year later she joined the ladies. The freedom of lady styling has opened up a whole new world for her, new movements, independence, the best ways to clear your head. Salsa is an essential part of her life.

Rozenn joined the team in 2021 and is looking forward to sharing with the students what she has learned and what Salsa has brought her.