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The focus of this level is on the the improvement of the turn technique for women and men, enhancement of the leading of the men and better basic figures. This curriculum is relevant for the successful improvement of your future Salsa repertoire. In this class a certain security of the basics and a understanding of the Salsa music are mandatory. After you have attended the intermediate level for six to twelve months, you can usually improvise freely with the learned figures and step combinations. This course will also focus on leadership for men. The ladies are also challenged by longer and more varied figures - the impulses become more subtle and often require quick response from the ladies. The music gets faster - a stable base of basic elements and basic rotations is required for participation. 

Course fee:
Single registration: 100€ p. person (2x 120 min.) / students: 100€ p. person
Couple registration: 90€ p. person (2x 120 min.) / students: 90€ p. person


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