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Dance Shows & Animation

  • Whether company party, birthday party, wedding or anniversary, our show programme turns every event into an unforgettable experience
  • The salsa teaser sessions bring all to party ... and sweat!
  • The celebration takes a natural casual turn
  • The highlight of the evening is the showpiece of Salsamás Munich


Celebrating like the Southerners

Group dance

Bachata Show "Como me Duele"

Cha Cha Show "Tempera"

Salsa Show L.A. Style "La Descarga"

Mambo Show N.Y. Style "Tornado"

Mambo Show N.Y. Style "Ariana"

Mambo Show N.Y. Style "Arollando"

Mambo Show N.Y. Style "Mulato Rumbero"

Unsere Leistungen


Celebrating like the Southerners

All it takes is only a good mood, a few dance steps and the right music: As part of the trial lesson, we explain all the participants the salsa rhythm. Then simple salsa steps are shown and practiced. The curriculum includes three step combinations you can dance without a partner / in-and three simple figures for couples.


Group dance

For those guests who think dancing is only for gifted dance, we thought about a way to convince them of the contrary: "El Tiburon" also comes from South America and is a popular dance for large parties. To dance without a partner in rows next to each other. This dance is characterized by simplicity and a lot of fun. And soon, all without exception on the dance floor.

Bachata Show "Como me Duele"

Strong emotions such sincere love, jealousy and passion are expressed in the texts and distinctive rhythms of bachata. The latest showpiece of Salsamás Munich was inspired by this beautiful music and dance - a treat for the senses, a bouquet of soft movements and expressive poses - worth seeing.
Salsamás Munich with "Como Me Duele"

Cha-Cha Show "Tempera"  

A gentle blend of passion, play and dance!
An unforgettable dance performance, which entrains you into the world of Latin American dances in their original form. Salsamás Munich with "Tempera"


Salsa Show L.A. Style
"La Descarga" 

The salsa LA style is characterized by power, dynamism and excellence. A show that leaves the audience breathless and inspiration and a strong desire for more salsa leaves.
Salsamás Munich with "La Descarga"


Mambo Show N.Y.Style

Mambo is a recently more and more popularity and popularity, winning salsa style. This choreography thrilled the crowd with dancing sophisticated technology and unique musical interpretation. The absolute and perfect highlight of your party.
Salsamás Munich with "Tornado"

Mambo Show N.Y. Style 

This choreography is a soft Mambo with show elements - a suitable entertainment for any celebration!
Salsamás Munich with "Ariana"


Mambo Show N.Y. Style   

his choreography of Salsamás brings the suppleness of the mambo, the dynamics of LA style and fascination with the theater like bumps tango together - pure entertainment!
Salsamás Munich with "Arollando"


Mambo Show N.Y. Style   

"Mulato Rumbero"

Salsamás Munich is always good for a surprise - the show in 2012 is characterized by soft and elegant dance elements that let the music take shape before your eyes, but also retains the acrobatic and athletic note at a time. Just pure salsa!
Salsamás Munich with "Mulato Rumbero"

Our Services

Our services can be adjusted according to individual needs and
perceptions of prospective.
Guidelines for our services are:
• Taster 30 minutes
• 15 mins Animation
• Group Dance 15 min
• Bachata Show "Como Me Duele" 4 min
• Cha-Cha Show "temperature" 4 min
• LA Style Salsa Show "La Descarga" 3.5 min
• Salsa Show N.Y. Style "Tornado" 4 min
• Salsa Show N.Y. Style "Ariana" 3.5 min
• Salsa Show N.Y. Style "Arollando" 4 min
• Salsa Show N.Y. Style "Mulato Rumbero" 4.5 Mn.