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Class system: Your goal is our goal

Salsa as feeling and joy of exercise are two of our main motto, we want to convey in our classes. We want to give you the opportunity to completely relaxed and without pressure to develop salsa and assist you wherever possible. Salsa can be a haven of relaxation and make you forget for a moment your worries. If we do that, we have achieved together something beautiful and you won a lot. Regardless what goal you seek ... we would be pleased to be at your side.

Class system

In the Salsa courses during the week salsa is taught in the line to 1. The typical LA style is danced in line on one, but is characterized by acrobatic and very dynamic style- that is suitable for shows. The courses teach the combinations in character rather like Mambo - gentle movements and smooth transitions! These are well suited for the social dance! In this sense, a good mix of salsa LA style and NY style salsa or mambo is taught in the salsa courses, which is a guaranteed fun for the dance floor!
The courses are independent, but building designed by the difficulty. In each level for 3 months different dance combinations and figures are shown. The duration of three months in our system are an option. This means that all those who still feel uncertain after the 4th date and want the elements learned in this stage solidify again, have the option to remain in the same stage to repeat the elements again. The level od difficulty within the individual stages does not change - the elements of the corresponding stages are merely composed differently. For example, the Beginner I course includes 12 different characters and 12 different step combinations with the same degree of difficulty, and they are taught alternately for 3 months. Everyone can decide after 1 month whether he goes to the next level or stays in the same. This applies to all levels.

You will not be bored when you repeat a level several times. We teach three months always different characters. However, this is optional. This system adds variety and gives you the same opportunity to learn the material from the corresponding level and to internalize.

We recommend to complete the classes up to beginners III in succession and not to make any longer breaks, so that a solid foundation is established. Newcomers will be classified by our team. Accompanying course we offer twice weekly special styling classes for women and for men.