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  • Salsa Beginner  INTENSIV Wochenend Workshop
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Description of the dance styles

LA Salsa (on1) style is danced in line to 1 and is characterized by dynamics and power! The typical LA style salsa is almost suitable for all dance events, but also for show performances.

Mambo (on2) - Salsa NY Style, or also called Eddie Torres Style is danced in line on 2. The Mambo is characterized by soft, gentle flowing movements and dance combinations. The typical Mambo is suitable for social dance!

Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic. The music is very emotional and it is a very romantic dance style. Bachata is similar to salsa spread around the world, varied and very popular!

Cha Cha has Cuban roots and was developed in the early 50s based on the Danzón. Cha Cha is danced in line on 2 and is pure joy on the dance floor - the slower pace allows for precise and smooth execution of the movement.

Kizomba is a very sensual dance that originated from Angola. Kizomba is currently danced the world on all major salsa festivals and parties.